Inspired from the Kings: 13 Royal Elements To Add In Your Bathroom

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Often while planning the interior of the home, people forget the one of the most used space in the home – ‘Bathroom.’ A washroom should be welcoming, and make you feel at ease when entered! Check out these 13 royal elements that you can add to your bathroom to make it look like a million bucks!

1.Play with the Walls

Revamp the way your bathroom looks by giving it a fresh coat of paint or by adding a new wallpaper! Opt for neutral shade and team it up with golden faucets.


2.Add a vintage Mirror

A vintage mirror can take up your decor game in the washroom! In case you don’t have one, revamp the old mirror into a new one by just adding a new frame around it.


3.Add a Small Piece of Furniture

Adding a small piece of furniture, be it a trolley, or a cabinet can add up to the decor of the bathroom. You can also add an ottoman in front of the bathroom vanity.

4.Keep it Clean and Dry

One of the most important ways to make your bathroom feel fresh and welcoming is to keep it clean and dry! Make sure that the basic hygiene is always maintained!

5.Make a Small Green Section (Flowers, Plant)

Yes, it is your bathroom that we are talking about. And yes, you can place indoor plants in the washroom to give it a fresh look.



6.Separate Shower Unit

One of the ways to keep your washroom clean and dry is by installing a shower unit! Such units can help you maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom.

7.Invest in New Light Fixture

An excellent way to give any bathroom a royal look is by changing the faucets and fixtures! Invest into a quality product that will last a long time, and also look charming at the same time.

8.Add a Rug

Though sounds like a small change, but a shower mat can affect the look of the bathroom.

9.Quality Linens

Why buy the average quality bath robe and towels when you can invest into a quality one! Also, same colored fluffy towels in a washroom act as an eye candy. 

10.Keep the Bathroom Vanity Clean

Keep the vanity clean to give a pleasant and welcoming look to the bathroom.

11.A Royal Bathtub

Wouldn’t it be amazing to take a shower in a bathtub? Invest in a quality tub and enjoy your bath time!

12.Framed Art

No, we don’t want you to put a Picasso in your washroom. However, a nice artwork related that goes with the mood of the washroom will only make the area look prettier!


13.Classy Shower Curtain

It’s time that we forget the average shower curtains! Invest in a quality curtain that matches the mood of the washroom!