3 Easy Step DIY Apple-Stamped Table Runner

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We all host parties at our home! From anniversary dinner to house warming get together, or a birthday party – we have done it all. And all parties do have one thing in common- ‘a well set up table.’ And we are here to sort out a major part of the table set up – ‘an apple-stamped DIY table runner.’ Check out this super easy DIY apple stamped table runner that you can make in no time!

All you Need

  • Apple
  • Foam brush
  • Black and White Fabric Paint (you can use other colors as well)
  • A muslin cloth (18*86)

Step 1:

Before starting the DIY, ensure that the fabric is cleaned and ironed. Now, with the help of a knife cut the apple into two halves.

Step 2:

Pour the black and white paint in a bowl, and paint one of the apple halves into black and the other into white. Now, start by printing the cloth with the apple. Continue the process to complete the runner.

Step 3:

Let it dry completely. And voila, your table runner is ready!