7 Innovative Usage of Staircase Space you’ve Never thought of!

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What comes to your mind when you think of under staircase space? Something that is just used to store things? But, what if we tell that you can do more with the stairs! As these 7 ideas will indicate you, there is more than one approach to utilize the space under the stairs, and keeping in mind that they are not to house a high school wizard, that space, regardless of how little, can be put to more pragmatic utilize.
1. Or, turn the stairs into a hidden storage unit.

2. Place a bed under the staircase space to turn it into a cozy spot!

3. Or, just place a table and chair, and turn it into a dining area.

4. A hidden shoe storage unit like this is cool!

5. You can even use the space to make it a mudroom.

6. Get yourself the perfect home office under the staircase.

7. Or, just utilize the space and turn it into an entertainment area!