15 Extremely Stylish Wooden Screens to take Inspiration From!

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Wood screens are a wonderful stylistic decor item that is used as a partitioning and protecting element. Wooden screens also look decent if utilized for expanding the excellence of space as well. Check out these 15 incredibly stylish wooden screens to take inspiration from:

1. Use the wooden screens to separate your dining area with the kitchen.

2. Place wooden divider on one side of the staircase to separate the living room from the stairs. Additionally, the screens also work as a railing!

3. Use wooden screens on the wall to create a patterned wall.

4. Separate the dining with the lobby with the help of wooden dividers.

5. Make use of wooden screens in the bedroom to create something creative!

6. Place a wooden divider on the porch to make a division with the rest of the house.

7. Create a section in between the living room and the dining area with a divider.

8. Utilize the wooden screen to the fullest by making it a display unit.

9. While making a wooden division keep a provision to place planters for it.

10. Use the wooden screen in the bedroom as a headboard.

11. Hide away a kitchen with a wooden screen sliding door!

12. Or, just hide away a display unit!

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13. Wooden screen creates amazing patterns!


14. Wooden screens can also be used as a door to a storage unit.

15. Divide the entire house with the living room with the help of the wooden screen.