14 Plastic Bottle DIYs that are as Easy as a Pie!

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DIYs are fun! Especially when it’s plastic bottles, the opportunity to DIY is immense! Most plastic bottles are durable, transparent, and flexible and you can make beautiful DIYs out of it. Check out the 14 plastic bottle DIYs that are as easy as pie.

1. These cute planters are adorable! All you need is a plastic bottle, scissor, and paint of your choice!

2. Isn’t this honey bear bottle lamp fantastic? You will require a bear-shaped plastic bottle and CFL light.

3. Or just make a charging dock out of a lotion bottle!

4. A no-sew zipper case will solve your problem of storing stationary!

5. Keep all the pencil sorted color wise with a plastic bottle holder.

6. Even a plastic spoon night bulb.

7. Don’t throw away the bottle caps. Instead, make a lamp out of the plastic cap!

8. Make chandelier out of the plastic container bottom.

9. This pet bottle ottoman is so cute!

10. Or, just make a plastic piggy bank out of it.

11. Who needs a sprinkler for the garden, when you can make one from the plastic bottle.

12. Or make storage container out of it.

13. Organize magazine like a pro with plastic bottles!

14. Or go green with plastic bottles.